Classic Collection

The origins of Tessoro jewelry are represented in the Classic Collection. The mixed metals, sterling silver and copper from car radiators along with hematite and sterling beads create a very natural palate. These classics continue to epitomize the "Tessoro" look.

  1. Tb tb Tie Bar
    Classic collection
    43.00 dollars retail
  2. Tbf TBs Tie Bar
    Classic collection
    53.00 dollars retail
  3. Cl4 CL4S Cufflink
    Classic collection
    75.00 dollars retail
  4. Cl3 CL3R Cufflink
    Classic collection
    80.00 dollars retail
  5. N4 N4 Necklace
    Classic collection
    95.00 dollars retail
  6. 4w 4w Earring
    Classic collection
    65.00 dollars retail
  7. Cl1r_cl1scropcopy CL1 Cufflink
    Classic collection
    88.00 dollars retail
  8. Xclassic_neck_cn1__66 CN1 Necklace
    Classic collection
    78.00 dollars retail
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