Calder Collection

This is the only Tessoro jewelry collection that attributes inspiration directly to a great artist. Alexander Calder, famous for his wire mobiles also created unique and inventive jewelry utilizing some of the same construction methods.

  1. Caw21 caw21 Earring
    Calder collection
    108.00 dollars retail
  2. Can21 can21 Necklace
    Calder collection
    98.00 dollars retail
  3. Caw23 caw23 Earring
    Calder collection
    80.00 dollars retail
  4. Caw22 caw22 Earring
    Calder collection
    105.00 dollars retail
  5. Caw20 caw20 Earring
    Calder collection
    118.00 dollars retail
  6. Can22 can22 Necklace
    Calder collection
    223.00 dollars retail
  7. Caw25 caw25 Earring
    Calder collection
    133.00 dollars retail
  8. Can26 can26 Necklace
    Calder collection
    150.00 dollars retail
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