Salon Collection

Clean minimalist design and a variety of gemstones lend this group a modern air. In many of the pieces the pearl or gemstone is stitched onto the bark creating a floating appearance. Other designs feature the natural green lichen in place of gemstones, deriving their strength from simplicity.

  1. Scw5retcrop scw5 Earring
    Salon collection
    83.00 dollars retail
  2. Scw9crop SCW9 Earring
    Salon collection
    80.00 dollars retail
  3. Sc9crop SC9 Brooch
    Salon collection
    75.00 dollars retail
  4. Sw11crop SW11 Earring
    Salon collection
    50.00 dollars retail
  5. Xsalon_ear_swpg_002 SWPG Earring
    Salon collection
    60.00 dollars retail
  6. Salon_ear_gw7_002crop GW7 Earring
    Salon collection
    58.00 dollars retail
  7. Salon_neck_spn2_001x SPN2 Necklace
    Salon collection
    78.00 dollars retail
  8. Salon_ear_baw1_002crop BAW1 Earring
    Salon collection
    98.00 dollars retail
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