Salon Collection

Clean minimalist design and a variety of gemstones lend this group a modern air. In many of the pieces the pearl or gemstone is stitched onto the bark creating a floating appearance. Other designs feature the natural green lichen in place of gemstones, deriving their strength from simplicity.

  1. Salon_neck_showgc_001crop SHOWGC Necklace
    Salon collection
    300.00 dollars retail
  2. Salon_ear_lw2_002crop LW2 Earring
    Salon collection
    45.00 dollars retail
  3. Salon_ear_scmw2_004crop SCMW2 Earring
    Salon collection
    55.00 dollars retail
  4. Salon_neck_gn3_002crop GN3 Necklace
    Salon collection
    68.00 dollars retail
  5. Xsalon_neck_scnc3_001crop2 SCNC3 Necklace
    Salon collection
    75.00 dollars retail
  6. Salon_ear_gw6_002crop GW6 Earring
    Salon collection
    60.00 dollars retail
  7. Salon_pin_g3_003crop G3 Brooch
    Salon collection
    63.00 dollars retail
  8. Salon_ear_scwp1_004crop SCWP1 Earring
    Salon collection
    50.00 dollars retail
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