Rocky Mountain Collection

Native Americans who handcraft traditional silver jewelry with turquoise, believe the stone opens up a direct connection between the sky and the sea. Combining the intense blues and greens of turquoise with the earthy tones of birchbark, the Rocky Mountain Collection presents a contemporary Southwestern look.
note:The blue turquoise used is from the now closed Sleeping Beauty mine, which has long been very desirable due to its exquisite blue color.

  1. Rocky_ear_tw2_012crop TW2 Earring
    Rocky Mountain collection
    93.00 dollars retail
  2. Rocky_ear_tw10_002crop TW10 Earring
    Rocky Mountain collection
    55.00 dollars retail
  3. Rocky_ear_tw8_003crop TW8 Earring
    Rocky Mountain collection
    68.00 dollars retail
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