Amalfi Collection

Soft colors of the land, sea and sky give the Amalfi Collection it's Mediterranean feel. Roman glass with beautiful irregularities and oxidized luminescence bear witness to the passing of time spent beneath the earth, while blue peruvian opals echo the sky.

  1. Amalfi_neck_amn6_001crop AMN6 Necklace
    Amalfi collection
    98.00 dollars retail
  2. Amalfi_ear_amw10_001crop AMW10 Earring
    Amalfi collection
    50.00 dollars retail
  3. Amalfi_neck_amn1_001crop AMN1 Necklace
    Amalfi collection
    43.00 dollars retail
  4. Amalfi_neck_amn5_001crop AMN5 Necklace
    Amalfi collection
    53.00 dollars retail
  5. Amalfi_ear_amw1_004crop AMW1 Earring
    Amalfi collection
    45.00 dollars retail
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